Goat Trucking Inc

About Company


Solutions to customers all over United States

Goat Trucking was established in 2011 in Illinois with a clear goal to provide high class logistic solutions to customers all over United States. Founder of the company was a flatbed owner operator himself, so he used his experience to build an organization he felt a trucking company should look like – ready to anticipate and respond to every customer need while constantly having drivers in mind. Since then Goat Trucking Inc has hauled more then 6,000 flatbed loads which makes over 200 million pounds of various material – steel, building products, machinery etc.

We are proud of that number and we are working on continuously increasing it. During this time we have worked with every major broker company in the business and with large number of shippers across the country. We have done our best to exceed the expectations on every single load, which has led to numberous business partnerships, most of them ongoing. Here at Goat Trucking we are exited about the future and what it will bring, full of hope that we will succesfully continue growing and that you will be a part of that growth.